Sunday, October 9, 2011

Star Commander - The World Was Sinking & I Was Hardly Surprised

Until recently, I thought it wasn't cool to like Bright Eyes anymore. Or Desaparecidos. But the guys in Star Commander let me know that not only is it cool, but the best way to make a record is to just rip off anything that Saddle Creek put out in the early 2000s. The songs pretty much blend together until you get halfway through it to “New Jersey”, which is as boring as the name suggests, then it's right back to more of the same. Don't worry, though. The record's final track is a nod to Daniel Johnston, just for a bit of indie cred. Sadly, the tone of the song's opening doesn't last and the album ends the way it began—borrowed and whiny. To offer Star Commander a bit of advice, I only had to look as far as their lyrics: “Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself.”

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